Writing Coach

Writing Coach
We are all writers. If you can write why do you need a writing coach?

There are lots of reasons why we need help with our writing. Even successful writers will have readers and editors they rely on to check their progress and quality. As new writers we probably think this sounds very pretentious. It might also sound out of our reach in terms of ambition and finance. Yet there are plenty of positives to be had when hiring a writing coach.

I was lucky that my writing coaches were incredibly successful poets

One was ex Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and the other is the new Poet Laureate Simon Armitage. I feel incredibly privileged to have been taught by such prestigious writers. Sometimes it’s a word, observation or phrase that ends up being a game changer in a writer’s journey.

Sometimes less is definitely more

In a seminar one day my poem was being ’filleted’ by fellow students and Armitage was the chairperson. This particular poem was about an A4 side in length and I liked it, or at least I thought it had potential. Everyone discussed it and generally the feedback was positive. Then there was a silence. Simon Armitage frowned and said, ‘You know the essence of the poem is in the last three lines. That’s all you need.’

To be honest I went home feeling deflated but sat at my laptop and typed up the last three lines on a fresh document. The intensity of that moment hit me, and I realised the rest of the poem had been me clearing my throat preparing to speak.

Objective and professional observation is a writing coach trademark

In addition, like slimming clubs and mentors, psychoanalysts and our parents, we all need someone to whom we are accountable. When we invest in our ambition and make our dreams a reality that’s when we see results.

If you have written a substantial manuscript and need assistance with its review VKN Publishing can help.

On the other hand, if you need someone to support you and kickstart your writing routine then we can help with this too.

We offer a bespoke writing coach service wherever you happen to be on your writing journey. You may have hit a creative block, you might even be losing confidence, perhaps you need someone to help you have faith in your writing ambitions. Perhaps you are afraid to start. Worry not; we can help in all kinds of ways. We offer writing boot camps to and will tailor these to suit your needs and availability.

A writing coach is not for everyone but sometimes when we set up a few restrictions and a little discipline we create our best work. It’s worth thinking about. If you would like to book a 30-minute consultation with a writing coach to discuss your writing needs, aspirations, creative blocks or ideas then click here and book a time.

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