Ebook Design

Ebook Design

What Is an Ebook?

It’s funny how this has become part of our general vocabulary. But a couple of decades ago no one would have known what an electronic book could encompass. We have taken ebooks to our heart and read them on mobile, tablet or ebook reader. They are convenient and have many positives. You can change the font size if you are tired or you can switch to audible. It’s possible to look up words, link to further information and undertake a journey that is less easy with print.

You can organise your ebook in any way that pleases you

Depending on the kind of ebook you are writing or have written it is likely that you will utilise chapter structure. There may or may not be supporting images or illustrations. However, making a decision and sticking to it is a good start with ebook design.

You might want to consider writing and designing your ebook in very short chapters

This is so readers can make quick progress and are more likely to become immersed in your book. Do not underestimate the importance of helping your reader along. Paying attention to page design, avoiding orphan words or finishing a chapter with one word all alone on a page are good tricks. Sometimes sub headers do the trick too, especially when writing non-fiction. You may even want to consider the ebook design potential as you are writing. That truly is an individual approach not necessarily a recommendation.

You may be writing a novel and that has a design style all of its own

There are many websites with lots of information on designing individual ebooks. However, if you are writing an ebook for a business or a service you will need a very different approach. Research cannot be underscored enough. People are after detail. If they commit to buying or downloading an ebook they want the real deal. They want the juicy details, the developed advice. It’s all about developing trust and underscoring that trust with specific evidence.

You can save your ebook in a variety of formats

That is another choice to make. It can be as straightforward as a PDF format. This stands for portable document format. This is great because it’s designed to be read on a large screen so you can go mad with design. It is also very easy to share. However, you might want to utilise EPUB, that will allow you to reflow your text according to the structure, sizing etc. There is AZW that makes publishing to Kindle a breeze. An OpenDocument Format is aligned to a file type belonging to OpenOffice. This is a series of open-source content creation programs that performs very similarly to Microsoft Office. This is just a snapshot. We can help you steer through the myriad of options so your ebook suits your ambitions. If you need help schedule a 30 minute call with one of our advisers and take that first step.

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