Author SEO

Author SEO

SEO and Author book promotion is an essential tool in an author’s kit. If you publish a book and don’t market it then no one will see it. Imagine going up into space and throwing your book out of the rocket. In effect that is what you are doing when you don’t pay attention to SEO or book promotion.

Why is SEO important for books and authors?

You may have noticed that we are being bombarded by information all day and every day. There are so many words that it’s difficult to find what you need. That’s where search engine optimisation comes in. This process helps guide search engines to find out what your page is about and decide how to rank it.

But my name comes up top in a Google search

Of course, it does. However, I you wrote crime novels and I was looking for a crime novel and didn’t know you had written one how could I search your name? If your author page is not set up to show the kinds of keywords people search for regularly, they will never find you. That’s fine, you might be thinking, I have a website and social media so not a problem. Actually, you need to adopt the same approach or all your promotion collateral. SEO specialists have many skills and they will ensure every signal that can be given about your book(s) or you as an author are shining brightly.

What SEO services for authors are available?

There are many but a few basic things on our to do list to promote your book are as follows:

  • Undertake keyword search report for your niche
  • Optimise your amazon page
  • Sort out broken links on your author web page
  • Website structure optimisation
  • Website security
  • Mixed content issues
  • Missing return links
  • Insufficient keywords
  • Unnatural writing style
  • Lack of multi-platform functionality
  • Amending titles and headlines to be optimised
  • Urls too long
  • Broken images
  • Content audit to help keywords to rank

Just ask us how we can help your author page, book title etc. to show up in search and lead potential readers in the right direction. Without attention to detail your book will sit unnoticed. Chat to us about what we can do to boost your book’s performance.

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