Increase Author Productivity by Outsourcing

Increase Author Productivity by Outsourcing

An author’s life can be very solitary. Although in the contemporary world it really doesn’t have to be. Some authors go out to cafes to write, as they love the life and hubbub going on all around them. Natalie Goldberg talks about writing in cafes in her book Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within. Personally, I have picked up inspiration from people watching and wondering what was in the package that I watched being delivered and to whom were the contents destined and why! You know what it’s like just musing and letting your imagination wander.

However, author productivity can be increased, honestly!

When you start to outsource tasks that take you away for what you are good at doing you will see an increase in your productivity. Creating a team that supports your authoring can be an incredible way to stop feeling isolated and also work more quickly towards your goal. Also, when others are working on your project it can make it feel more real and even more worthwhile. Suddenly your book feels like it is really gig to happen. You may think that it will cost money but what is the true cost of not producing your book professionally? Yes, it may only be your time that’s lost but that is valuable. In addition, you have to deal with the personal failure of not completing a project and that can be quite mentally damaging for some people. I believe everyone should write and if they need help to create something then why not?

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So, how do you get started when you are an author considering outsourcing?

I am not suggesting you necessarily get someone else to write for you. Mind you, there are times when this is a really effective strategy. For example, if you are looking for a press release. These need to be written in quite a specific way. Writers that create press releases regularly know instinctively what will grab attention and what will end up being deleted If you don’t want to be distracted from your novel or whatever you are working from then outsourcing a press release is a smart move.

Working collaboratively is good for an author’s soul

On the other hand, you might be writing a children’s novel and would like to collaborate with an illustrator. There are many illustrators that will accept paid one-off gigs. You may even find that eventually you create a working partnership with an illustrator and go on to achieve great things together. It can be very exciting outsourcing in this way for both authors and illustrators

Imagine bringing in a writing coach that will help you manage your time

They can also ensure that you write regularly. This is a little like hiring a personal trainer. They push you further than your own mental strength will often allow. Working with a writing coach who can set you goals and holds you accountable can be just what some writers need to fulfill their potential.

Outsource your book cover to an expert

If you are not sure how a book cover needs to look then an author would do well to outsource that task and hire a designer. Yes, you can buy an off-the-peg solution but that still leaves you will task to fulfil and titles, etc. to tweak. VKN Publishing has graphic design creatives who can help you achieve dynamic book covers that will stand out on any bookselling platform.

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Firstly, you need to consider and identify the services that need to be outsourced.

Here’s a briefauthor outsourcing list:

  • Hire a writing coach to keep you on track
  • Hire a ghostwriter to assist you when you are having difficulties, or you feel you need professional help such as writing a murder scene or writing a scene in a hospital for example.
  • Hire a line editor, copy editor or developmental editor to polish your manuscript
  • Hire a cover designer to create a dynamic cover that is technically correct for each platform
  • Hire a publicist and press release writer to take the hard lifting from getting your book some traction
  • Hire a social media expert who will know what works to promote your book successfully on different social media platforms

You can evaluate the skillsets you are looking for as an author

This can be achieved by going to freelance sites such as People Per Hour or Fiverr for example, although there are many more on offer. There are many talented people available on those sites but sometimes it can be hard looking for the right person for your authorial needs. That’s why using a one stop shop can be less hassle. It is a great way to develop a lasting and personal relationship with people who develop a vested interest in the success of your author profile and the writing you create.

If you would like to chat about finding the right people to help you squeeze the most success from your book or if you need help writing, editing, publicising, etc. then give us a call and we’d love to offer you our expertise.

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