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Research has shown that play underpins well-being, learning and general development in young children. Mathematics can be learned through fun even before children reach the age of three. You can start to introduce mathematical skills easily and in a fun way with The Mathematicals.

The Mathematicals are a super-sized family. They live in a large rhomboid house
They like to eat pizza, play football etcetera and they have an isosceles mouse

With quirky illustrations and crazy text children can learn important and quite complex shapes without even realising. When they encounter them I a mathematical setting they will not be confused as their association is linked with fun. Meet Perry Parallelogram, Caterham Cat, Polly Prism and Ed the Ellipse.

Why not pre order your copy right here. More titles to follow in the series soon.

The author taught English and Maths in UK secondary schools for more than 20 years.

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  • Author
  • Vivienne Neale
  • Year
  • 2020
  • Meet
  • Caterham Cat, The Isosceles Mouse, Perry Parallelogram and Polly Prism
  • Genre
  • Educational, Books for toddlers, Books for Under Fives, Picture books, Maths books
  • Age
  • 2-5
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